Whaleback Preserve Club is managed for Pheasants but natural fair chase White Tail Deer herd all wild non fenced all fair chase hunting is very good! Yates Country has one of the largest deer population’s per country in New York State. The deer population on South Hill, Middlesex, New York, has been one of the best genetic codes and most productive for quality whitetails over 2 years old. Annually for over 30 years, mature bucks in the 120 to 160 class range are sighted or shot. Members have a unique opportunity for first class deer hunting in addition to all other Club benefits. The Whaleback season follows the New York State Season for Bow, Rifle, and Muzzle Loader. Bear is also fair game in season but rarely seen in Fall.

Since 2005, the Club’s 60 owned and managed ladder stands, ground blinds and shooting houses for Bow as well as Rifle hunts allow 10 hunters per day for members except opening day of Gun when the club manages all reservations and allows more hunters. Advance Reservations are a must for all, just like our reservation system for Pheasants our Deer Hunting Reservations must be made on line. Members may sign in on their unique member page and request a time date and location or call Bruce 585-943-4698 for assistance in making their reservations. There is a 72 hour minimum to reserve a deer hunt on line for members and rules apply for safety and privacy but the office will help on any requests with notice call 585- 943- 4698. Every member is accommodated based upon “first come first severed” and each hunt is tailored to your wishes to the best of our ability to balance locations and safety.

Since 2008 QDM land management plans were developed for our hardwoods. The largest Whaleback buck taken was a 154 class 10 point in 1998, but we annually see larger deer and sometimes bear on Camera Recorders! 1950 Class Dear were taken on the hill in 2012 and 130 to 140 is more normal for big bucks locally. Guides are available and required if the member has not familiarized themselves with the parking, walking, and stand location prior to October.

Members may scout our woods and trail system by foot June through September. The Clubs owned tree ladder stands, ground blinds, and shooting boxes are moved from time to time based upon safety considerations and balance for productivity by the management.

Deer Hunting Rules are managed for safety first, privacy second, and of course, the hope that members can get a nice doe deer or QDM Buck. Hunting Skill and time in the woods is all part of successful deer hunting. Like any sport you have to be there to score! Does are legal with tags.

In 2014 Whaleback allows 3 tagged deer in season per family member that can be 2 doe and a QDM BUCK or 2 QDM Buck and 1 Doe. This is regardless of DEC RULES FOR OUR AREA. Whaleback is area 8-N on the D.E.C. map. Members must have proper New York State Licenses. Membership rules for deer hunting can be modified by the Deer Committee but are equal to all members.