Members are training dogs weekly by appointment with Whaleback’s new trainer John Sorensen. John is an AKC hunting master test judge and is keen to help dog owners of pointing dogs get the very best guidance for Field Trial or Bird Hunting needs. John’s lessons and training is a great way to keep you hunting bird dog active and tuned for the field? Members call and get an appointment 315)-573-8252 with John Sorensen. Keep your dog at Whaleback in our Kennels for training by the week and John will work them daily, or set up a schedule with john for multiple lessons for yourself and “Rover” Turn that couch potato bad dog into an in shape hunting machine and watch how much better your fall season of bird hunting turns out!


In Scotland, they call it the Glorious 12th. That’s August and it is for driven Grouse across the moors. But High above Canandaigua’s waters, Whaleback is a cool place to train your gun dog all summer and to be ready for opening week September when the Pheasant, Quail Coveys, and Grouse are flying hard again. Plan now and get involved.

Members work personally in private sessions or a couple of hunting partners work with two, to a maximum of three dogs, in a session with John and gamebirds. The only criterion is that we not