Wing Shooting Lessons

Next to our Clubhouse, Whaleback has a practice range for Archery, and fun Clay Targets wing shooting. The practice fields are accessible by car and a short walk to our Clubhouse Outfitter and Locker Room with separate showers and bathrooms for men and women. The practice fields are intended for Member leaseholders’ family fun and especially for Teaching Wing Shooting.

The Clay target Practice range is where Wing Shooting Lessons are conducted by Bruce Lindsay an experienced and good wing shot but more so a very fine teacher of safe shot gunning and wing shooting form. Semi Private and Private Lessons are available by reservation. We teach weekly by appointment all summer and fall. We also have on course lessons and Hunting field simulation sessions.

Whaleback Farm got involved in Sporting Clays early in the history of the sport in the USA in 1989. After a visit to English Shooting Schools in 1979, Bruce Lindsay set about learning course design and the application of shooting Sporting Clay targets for hunters on the preserve to help improve hunters’ accuracy. Combined with shotgun Wing Shooting lessons there is no better way for hunters to become more accurate and humane in the process. The side benefit is that when played like a “game of golf” in a foursome for fun, Sporting Clays is a great family oriented Sport. “Par” not high score is the point. Fun Social Clay Target shooting is the purpose at Whaleback Preserve Club. Families are welcome. Girls often out shoot boys and this “hand eye” coordination sport is a real confidence builder.

History of Clays at Whaleback:

“After learning about Wing Shooting Clay targets in England in 1979, I looked for a way to replicate the same wing shooting ideas in the USA. By 1985, I was visiting Brays Island, SC and watching their course design transform the sport in the USA. Soon after, I was shooting with The Connecticut Travelers as a guest of Al Angles and Bruce Buck at the Duchess Valley Rod and Gun Club, Pawling Mountain, Sandanona, Tamarack, Mashomic and in New England at Addieville. By then a representative of USSA, I attended 3 National Shoots and one international FITSC. There I learned target setting and presentation and by 1993 Whaleback Hosted the New York State Sporting Clays Shoot. The 15 station Course for 100 targets challenged the then Top of his Game Andy Duffy who won the tournament with a high 93 the next highest score being 87. Today Whaleback no longer is doing Tournament Events for Clays but we know how to set targets for fun and Wing Shooting. I personally use to shoot about 3,000 to 4,000 targets a year at Sporting Courses in Canada, England, France, and much of the good old USA from 1990 to 2003. After tearing both my rotators cuffs I simply am not able to maintain that pace. Still, I was fortunate over the years. I learned from one of the best teachers in the business, Keith Lupton who to me is the finest teacher I have ever met for shot gunning. I am very fortunate to know Keith. In addition, Whaleback has brought in many famous teaches for clinics and private events among them John Kruger, Andy Duffy, Steve Schultz, and Bud Grevey. I have sat in on many of these lessons including Woman Coaches and Clinique’s for women only taught but great lady shots! One thing I learned out of this was a great deal of respect for the shot gun and wing shooting and patience. And I found I really enjoyed teaching both private lessons “Just for your need” and families. I am pleased to say today after teaching over 600 students I know I am a good teacher, not the best shot myself but a very good teacher for the beginner and intermediate. I stress proper gun fit, the importance of gun mount, how to look for and see the moving target, and foot position and the athletics of this sport. I look forward to helping you. Call my cell for an appointment.” 585-943-4698 Bruce Lindsay

Whaleback has a beautifully manicured Sporting Clay Course. Set in the tradition of Merry Old English Grounds where the natural scenery is as important as the target presentation, it is a fun Course in the summer. Targets are set for par 35 with a 20 gauge shot gun or par 39 with a 12 gauge. These are training targets for hunters and for fun. There is a reason it is called “Golf with a Shoot Gun” Sporting Clays intellectually is very much like Golf.

During the summer and fall, Whaleback Preserve Club Hosts several Thursday Night Steak & Clays events including the now Famous August Surf and Turf Dinner for members and guests. We often have corporate events for up to 50 for food, Clubhouse and a round of Sporting Clays.

At Whaleback preserve, the entire family is welcome to shoot Sporting Clays.